Ark PVPVE server like Official

Low Ping, High Stability

Tired of lags on official servers? Try BAREMETAL. No virtualization, dedicated server in Poland.

SSD disks, 16GB Ram, 200 Mbps symetric link

PVE is fun, PVP is more fun! We got PVPVE!

Face the brutal nature, face unpredictible survivors!

Make friends, make enemies and be ready for anything!


Admin command logging is enabled. Any usage of admin power will be visible on global chat.

We play fair.

Exp rate 0.9, Dino count 1.1

You will earn 90% of XP earned on official servers

There are 10% more dinos than on official servers

Update announcements

Every update is announced a few times on global chat. Downtime reduced to minimum.

You will alywas know when to expect planned restarts.

Join us and feel the difference

Be nice and survive:)